Communications and Fundraising

Authentic, targeted, and sound strategic communications advice.

In a 24/7 connected world with an ever-increasing number of channels for information, Cornerstone partners help clients cut through the noise.

  • Media Relations

    Our partners are adept in handling the demands of the media. With reporters often being overworked and under resourced, we ensure the right message is being delivered every time.

  • Digital and Creative

    Working with our partners, Cornerstone creates and executes cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns that stand out amidst the noise.

  • Philanthropic and Political Donor Strategy and Fundraising

    From mayoral races to gubernatorial fundraising, Cornerstone designs, builds, and executes successful fundraising efforts. We manage host committees, finance committees, and boards of directors to provide leadership that results in financial success. We coach principals and candidates through "the ask," execute the process of monetizing relationships, and teach the "donor mentality," leading to success in a short period of time.

  • Messaging

    Cornerstone crafts target messages that resonate with Americans. We also specialize in messaging to conservatives that share a common culture and value system. Cornerstone represents a key sector of the broad spectrum of diversity in the nation, and we help corporate, political, and advocacy entities provide the right message to persuade and move voters.