Chet Love

Chet Love

Founding Partner

Chet Love brings over 15 years of experience in the technology and financial services industries, leveraging his considerable expertise in structured finance, consumer finance, and regulatory matters to support a diverse range of clients. He is recognized for his leadership and management capabilities, adeptly coordinating cross-functional teams in areas such as operations, legal, compliance, and human resources.

As a co-founder and managing partner of Cornerstone Group, Chet assists companies in navigating complex legal and policy landscapes. His dedication and unique insights have made him an integral part of Cornerstone's management consulting efforts. His responsibilities extend to providing compliance and regulatory advice to clients, and he even steps into the roles of General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for small to mid-size clients.

Chet has supported clients serving as a Chief Legal Counsel, Chief People Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Administrative Officer for a variety of technology companies. In addition, his tenure as the Director of Policy and Legal Counsel for SolarCity (now Tesla Energy) saw him lead efforts in consumer protection and housing regulation, and co-found the industry’s diversity and inclusion committee.

Chet’s expertise in the energy sector is noteworthy, particularly his understanding of rate making, rate design, and policy matters. Regularly consulted by industries such as the solar and PACE industry, Chet’s guidance in consumer protection matters is held in high regard, and he's been instrumental in establishing consumer protection best practices that have been codified into law in multiple states.

Chet has made significant contributions as Board Chair of the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy, fostering post-partisan dialogue and promoting inclusive, diverse policy leadership.

A long-term advocate for blockchain technology, Chet frequently advises members of Congress, state legislators, as well as federal and state agencies on blockchain policy, demonstrating his profound knowledge of the intersection between technology, policy, and legal matters.

Chet Love's extensive experience and commitment to fostering technological innovation and regulatory compliance position him as a leading figure in his field. His work is characterized by a focus on creating sustainable, future-focused solutions, enabling his clients to effectively navigate and thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.